We provide live therapy online

PsychologyOnline is the UK's leading provider of live online one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy. We provide this both within the NHS and for private businesses or individuals.

Excellent clinical outcomes

Research shows that therapy via instant messaging is clinically effective. It also encourages recovery in fewer sessions than traditional methods.

Instant messaging

PsychologyOnline lets you talk to a highly qualified therapist via instant messaging. Instant messaging is simple, doesn't need complicated equipment or set up, can be done discreetly and can minimise embarrassment.

Anywhere, anytime

Access therapy anywhere you like - all you need is an internet connection. We can arrange appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There's no waiting list and you can be in therapy within days.

The best therapists

We know that therapist experience is one of the key predictors of recovery. Our therapists are Chartered Psychologists and accredited Psychotherapists who all have over 3 years relevant experience. They are BABCP accredited, meaning they have passed all confidentiality and quality of care checks.


PsychologyOnline is free for UK NHS patients in many areas. Alternatively, you can purchase therapy sessions directly through our private service Thinkwell™.

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Clinicians (including GPs) can refer patients to us for online treatment. In some areas, the cost is covered. In others, patients can purchase therapy sessions themselves.

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Providers and Commissioners

PsychologyOnline works within the NHS or private organisations to offer convenient, accessible and discreet services for patients.

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Our therapists are UK trained and accredited

We know that therapist experience is a key predictor of recovery. That's why all of our therapists have at least three years relevant experience and are BABCP accredited. We ensure strong clinical governance for our entire therapist pool (including mandatory supervision) and have rolling CPD programmes to ensure continuous improvement.

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Evidence from our clinical trial

Our 300 patient trial, published in the Lancet (2009), demonstrates that our method of providing therapy via instant messaging is effective. It’s faster than face to face therapy — patients see benefit in fewer sessions and feel they can open up more easily.

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"The online CBT was absolutely brilliant, you learn how to cope with something that previously had seemed insurmountable."

"I have had 5 sessions and it has made a world of difference. I had been wanting to seek therapy for a long time now but could not get up the courage to see and speak to a stranger in person."

"Your service is brilliant - all the pros and none of the embarrassment or hassle of attending a one to one session."


You can purchase therapy sessions directly through Thinkwell™, our private therapy site.

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